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SAFE Academy Schedule

edited November 2016 in The SAFE Academy
Resumption and briefing: 12 November, 2016

*1K Projects Execution starts: 15 November, 2016*

Vocational Training Opens: Graphics Design and Make up. 19th November, 2016

*Deadline for payment for certification: 20th November, 2016*

26th Final DTP Revision class and Examination./Vocational Training

*SAFE 3 Pre-conference and SLC: 3rd December, 2016*

Vocational Training 10th December, 2016

Pass the knowledge/Vocational Training : 17th December, 2016

Block revision sessions/ Community Engagementments, Vocational and Entrepreneurial training: 24th December to 14th January, 2017

SAFE Leadership Tour: 21st January, 2017.

Break! Break! Break!

4th February 2017: New Session of the Academy
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