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About Sozo Networks

THE SOZO NETWORKS is a non-profit organization based in Ibadan, Nigeria, which is committed to nurturing leaders and empowering them to be the main agents of transformation and growth in the country. We have a mandate to create, mentor and empower 10, 000 youths by 2030, who have relevant skills,including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.To have impacted at least 7 million Nigerian youths, through conferences, workshops, seminars, prints and social media by 2030.

A typical Nigerian youth has a stereotypical ideology in which his ‘future’ is built around financial survival, hence the proclivity to (want to) be educated, start-up a business, promising industry, and/or seize any opportunity that avails him to be financially buoyant and/or make ends meet, with little or no mind-set of contributing towards national development.Youths ought to be agents of transformation who will cause changes in their towns and cities when encouraged and mentored. It must however be admitted that these youths have educational challenges due to poverty, parental ignorance and damaged sense of responsibility and purpose, and the value system and orientation needed by these youths to become agents of transformation and excellence has been lost over the years and thus needs to be restored.
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