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The N1K projects

Hello change Agents, Thank you for all the encouragements and support. We want to appreciate you for the success of the GCE forms fundraising, you made that a huge success. We have been recording huge successes with these children and we want to assure you that you can invest in the future through us. Sozo Networks is here again with another innovative campaign, as you know the SAFE Academy was established to mentor disadvantaged children to become transformational community Leaders. This campaign, we are going practical, we want them to impact their communities and we would like you to support them. It will amaze you what impact $2 (1, 000 Naira) can make. We have done our researches and we know it's possible to make a reasonable impact with just $2. Starting from November 12 we would be challenging 50 youths in Secondary Schools in Ibadan to make a SUSTAINABLE IMPACT each with $2 To earn a SAFE Change Agent Certificate:

Donate to: Sozo Empowerment, Union Bank of Nigeria Account number: 0047557353.

Send text to +234 701 036 6449, +2348163318145

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  • Answers to FAQs on the Sozo 1k project.

    We have some students btw 12 to 18, who believed they can make an impact in their communities or schools with just 1, 000 naira each. So we are supporting them by raising cash for them
    You can support more than one project
    You will also get a certificate in return as a change agent.

    it involves, school uniforms for class mates, it involves repair works in schools, clean ups in dirty areas, it involves buy of school daily needs, door tags, locks, dustbins etc.

    There would be pictures and all about what you sponsored.

    You can be sure we are bringing the best creativity out of them.

    The execution of projects starts from 12th November and we are going to be posting the projects and tag a sponsor as we execute each.

    Please donate to:
    Sozo Empowerment, Union Bank of Nigeria.

    Account number: 0047557353.
    Send your name and email to
    +234 701 036 6449, +2348163318145

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